When can therapy help you?

Therapy can help you when you’re feeling unhappy with the way your life is going and don’t know how to make things right again. It can help when your relationships with others keep failing, or when your relationships are abusive. It can help when you keep doing things that harm you but don’t know how to stop doing them. It can help when life makes you anxious or scared and you feel left out because you don’t dare live.

Therapy can help you when you can’t make choices, when you feel stuck in a rut. It can help when you don’t know how to deal with your feelings and feel out of control. It can help when you’re paralysed by anxiety. It can help when you have no energy left, no will to get out of bed and face the world. It can help when you can’t sleep because the wheels in your mind won’t stop turning, or when sleep doesn’t refresh you anymore.

How can I help you?

I can help you deal with whatever is standing in the way of you living your life the way you would like to, whether it’s something from your past or very much in the present. I can help you even when your life is significantly disrupted by your problems, even when you’ve tried treatment before and it hasn’t worked.

I help you unlearn the damaging way in which you live your life and replace it with a new and healthy way. I help you find self-compassion and learn to care for yourself and heal. I help you deal with your fears and face the world. I help you find a way to realise your goals and your dreams. I help you change your life for the better.

I can help with a wide range of issues, including: abuse, anxiety, assertiveness, burnout, childhood issues, childhood trauma, depression, dysfunctional families, relationships, self-confidence, self-esteem, sexuality, stress, and trauma. I help you deal with your emotions so that you can start to heal yourself. I don’t just address symptoms - I go to the heart of your problems.

My main therapeutic approach is Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (EDT). EDT enables you, in a relatively short time, to start to change yourself for the better. I use two types of EDT: Intensive Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (IE-DP) and Affect Phobia Therapy (APT). I use EDT and Somatic Trauma Therapy for trauma, PTSD and CPTSD, and dissociative disorders.

I have extensive experience with and understand diversity: GSRD, race, culture, disability, chronic illness and neurodiversity. I offer individual and relationship therapy.

I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to help you find out more about how I can help you. Just pick up the phone and talk to me. We’ll see what we can do together and take it from there.

Individual session £138.00 (£115.00 + VAT) per 50 minutes
Relationship session £180.00 (£150.00 + VAT) per 50 minutes