About Me

I am a qualified psychologist (BA and MA in Psychology) with further training in two variants of Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (EDT): Intensive Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (IE-DP) and Affect Phobia Therapy (APT). I have have been trained by Kristin A.R. Osborn, Director of Harvard Medical School Psychotherapy Research Program and President of IEDTA, and am a Certified APT Therapist and Certified APT Trainer. I am a Registered Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I have been trained by Babette Rothschild (a world renowned expert in trauma) in Somatic Trauma Therapy.

I have extensive experience in working with adult survivors of dysfunctional families and childhood trauma; I have specialist training in working with trauma and PTSD. I specialise in helping those whose lives are significantly disrupted by the issues they struggle with - also those with past experience of previous unsuccessful treatment. I also have experience and expertise in providing open-minded and non-judgmental treatment to members of the Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity communities (LGBTQ+, non-monogamy, sex workers). I am a Clinical Associate at Pink Therapy. I am a member of the London Sex and Relationships Therapy group practice. I am also a consultant and advisor on youth and LGBT mental health. I am an advisor for Scarleteen (the US independent, grassroots sexuality education and support organisation and website), and have advised the Dutch expertise centre on sexuality (Rutgers WPF) on LGBT youth. I am a member of Sense About Sex, the group of interdisciplinary academics, activists, researchers, writers and practitioners who are keen to get good information and resources about sexual practices, sexuality, and sexualization. I am experienced in working with the intersections of sexuality, gender, race, culture and neurodiversity. In addition to English (my mother tongue), I speak Hebrew and Dutch.

One of my specialist areas of expertise is adapting EDT for use with adolescents and children (also, specifically, for the treatment of underachievement in gifted adolescents) and also for use in online therapy. I am a Certified APT Trainer and give workshops to therapists on the use of APT with children and adolescents. My online practice, The Rainbow Couch, provides psychotherapy to those who would otherwise be unable to access it, primarily in the Middle East. It guarantees expert, tolerant and affirmative therapy for members of the GSRD communities wherever they are in the world. It also makes therapy easily accessible for those with mobility problems, or those for whom, for whatever reason, the threshold of face-to-face therapy is too high.

I write about psychology. I wrote regular advice columns in magazines and online, have been quoted as an expert in articles, and have written a chapter for a book on psychotherapy on the use of EDT to treat an underachieving gifted adolescent. To find out more, see In Print.